Once our team has finished gathering, cataloging and digitizing your collection, we can begin putting everything into a form that will allow you to appreciate it for years to come. If any of your photos, awards or other documents would benefit from restoration, retouching or conservation, we’ll recommend a path forward. 

Your items are then entrusted to those skilled artisans who are most qualified to do this exacting work. Over the years, we’ve developed close professional relationships with a range of respected specialists. As you can imagine, we appreciate the importance of getting things right the first time.

You make the decisions. We make it easy.
Each step in our process unfolds according to your own choices (of course, we’re always happy to guide you with recommendations). Drawing on the most up-to-date systems and technology, we carefully scan all printed photos and slides. Create high-quality digital versions of vintage film reels, audio, even VHS tapes. Pull together photos from multiple phones and computers. 

Photos and other paper media are typically organized neatly into archival boxes or binders. Audio and video elements can be combined into high-quality digital collections. We make all of it easily searchable, with intuitive tags and keywords.

Everything is archived onto state-of-the-art hard drives, as well as uploaded to secure cloud storage for instant access whenever, or wherever, you wish. And at last, you can breathe a little sigh of relief, knowing that you can now enjoy a pleasing sense of order where there used to be chaos.