As is the case with our clients themselves, every Fotostori project is unique. So we always begin by listening. What is your ultimate goal? Your priorities? Are there any special considerations that should be taken into account? Do you already have a sense of how you’d like everything catalogued? Once we understand your specific needs, a dedicated photo curator can begin the process of pulling everything together.

Safe, sound and forever secure.
When people are asked to name the possessions they’d most want to save on their way out the door in an emergency, family photos and memorabilia still top the list. Yet all too often, these treasures end up tucked away for years at a time, forgotten and unappreciated. 

This is your chance to finally have everything safely consolidated, sorted and edited. We appreciate the irreplaceable nature of these precious memories. Which is why we insist on a personalized, hands-on process. Fotostori would never entrust your valuable collection to a mass-market photo processor, and neither should you. 

Ours is a sensitive, nuanced approach guided with a designer’s eye. Our trademark balance of art and science is designed to yield satisfying, professional-quality results every time. It’s all part of our commitment to provide you the absolute best of the best.