What you can expect
from Fotostori:

A team of trusted professionals. Flexible, creative problem solving. Unparalleled customer service. Complete privacy and security. State-of-the-art tools and tech. Uncompromising attention to detail.

Menu of Services

Printed Photos
Restore/retouch photos 
Scan printed photos 
Preserve photos in archival binders or boxes
Create custom Fotobooks

Digital Photos / Scanning
Consolidate photos from single or multiple devices 
Add searchable tags and/or keywords      
Retouch images 
Combine scanned photos 
Create custom Fotobooks 
Save to external drive(s)   
Backup to cloud

Sort/edit/label memorabilia 
Preserve in archival boxes 
Create legacy book

Mixed media
Digitize audio, film, VHS, CDs, and DVDs  
Scan slides  
Save to external drive(s)   
Backup to cloud

For a complete list of our services, please inquire.